A family brought into this world by love.  Families now torn apart by hate.  I've always heard it said that love is a perfect gift from God.
If that is true, then hate must be a gift from Satan. From the day of my birth I can remember being both loved, and hated.
Of the two of these, the hate seems to stand out the most in my memory.    Where did all the love go?
What happened to that prefect gift that we received from God?  In my heart, I believe that we still have that wonderful gift.
Still somehow, we let Satan, intrude into our lives.  I think that the love is still there.
I think that we have closed our eyes and our hearts to Gods beautiful gift of love for a moment.
And then Satan moved right on in. If God, is love. Then Satan must be hate.  What can we do to regain control of God's gift that he gave us so long ago?
Some say that it is by prayer. Some say that it is just luck. Most folks just don't know, and the rest just don't care.
But I know. I've seen, and I have heard. I've seen, and I have listened, and I have never said a word.
Then at times I think that it could be any of, or all of the above.  I think that it is because we have lost that communication. And God took away our gift of love.
The devil stepped in at some point and blocked our path. He took away our sight that we might not see. That is what I think happened, if anyone was to ever ask me.

Kenneth Murel Crum Jr/6/16/97/Saturday, February 05, 2000

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