Crappy Birthday Ken. Your sitting in the same place that you were last year.
You're no better off this year. And you're still sick and just as broke once again.
Crappy Birthday to you. Today is April 9th 1997.  I know that in your heart you are beginning to wonder if there is truly a God in Heaven.
If His existent is so true, why has He forsaken you at the early old age of only thirty-seven?
Crappy Birthday Ken. You have slipped back to your old ways. Well, not completely.
You did quit the old habit of large alcohol consumption in May of 1994. Then after praying to God for His help.
Praying to Him to take your life if you ever started to drink again, Then on December 19th 1996 you started drinking again.
Crappy Birthday to you.  You put all of your trust In God. And with all your trust, you wonder why a rough and rocky road you must trod.
Maybe it is because you did not have enough faith. Maybe you lost it somewhere along the way.
Crappy Birthday Ken. You had the faith once before. With a little faith in God, maybe you can find that faith once again.
In the beginning of 1997 you began to doubt if there truly is a God in Heaven.
Renew your faith and trust in God, and maybe in the year 1998 things will turn around, and then your life will turn out great.
Happy Birthday to you. Look up to the Heavens, close your eye's and prey. And life will not seem so bad.
Be happy for your healthy and loving family. Be happy that you are a live.
Be happy, because you really are a great Dad.

                    Written by, and for, Kenneth Murel Crum Jr.     /    March 10th 1996